Origin Ether (OETH) is a liquid ETH staking token designed to offer enhanced security, higher yield, and a tighter peg to ETH when compared to other LSTs. This is accomplished through rigorous audits, decentralized validator technology (DVT), and a permissionless redemption mechanism paired with deep exit liquidity.

OETH was launched in May 2023 with 95% of its code forked from OUSD. This allowed OETH to inherit years of top-tier audits and a proven track record of securing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of underlying collateral. Since growing to over $100 million of TVL itself and being integrated into top protocols such as EigenLayer and Pendle, OETH has transitioned from a yield aggregator to a pure liquid staking token.

In a sea of commoditized liquid staking tokens on Ethereum, OETH stands out with two clear advantages:

  1. Better risk-adjusted yield

    OETH earns its liquid staking yield from the Ethereum beacon chain using distributed validator technology (DVT). This provides OETH with an open and simple infrastructure for managing Ethereum validators and presents an opportunity for to earn incentives from DVT platforms, which is harvested and distributed to OETH holders as additional yield. Read more about OETH's DVT integration in Liquid Staking.

  2. Tighter peg to ETH

    LSTs are expected to be stable relative to ETH. As the name implies, liquidity is the core premise of these tokens and any pricing deviation from ETH can be catastrophic. While some are more stable than others, all of the top LSTs have experienced some degree of de-pegging from ETH, resulting in a hidden exit cost for users. It's not uncommon to acquire an LST expecting to earn yield at a certain rate only to find out that the yield is effectively lost (or worse) when it's time to withdraw ETH or swap back. OETH strives to be the only LST with a perfect 1:1 peg to ETH. This is accomplished through a combination of permissionless ETH withdrawals and an instant 1:1 redemption integration with the ARM.

These two core pillars of OETH make it the ideal building block for DeFi integrations. By generating the best risk-adjusted yield and maintaining the tightest peg to ETH, OETH allows other protocols to confidently plug into a secure and scalable yield source for their products to leverage.

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