Rebase Opt-In Proposal

Use this template as a guide to write a proposal for opting a smart contract into OUSD or OETH yield. Keep in mind that wOUSD and wOETH are alternate solutions for receiving yield and, as ERC-4626 vaults, do not need to be opted in.


What is the name of the proposal?


Who wrote/contributed to the proposal?

Create date:

When was the proposal created?


One sentence summarizing the proposal


Add links to:

  • project

  • project launch date

  • CoinGecko/CoinMarketCap

  • whitepaper

  • docs/Gitbook

  • source code/Github

  • Ethereum addresses

  • price oracle(s)

  • audits


Add links, with the number of followers/members:

  • Twitter

  • Discord

  • Telegram

  • Facebook

  • Reddit

  • Youtube


Enter a short 1-3 sentence summary of the proposal, tl;dr version of what follows


The “Why?” of the proposal or the reasoning behind the proposal. Why do you need to opt-in this specific contract for OUSD/OETH yield? Why are you unable to call the opt-in function?


Is the contract capable of receiving yield? How can you confirm?

Does the contract properly account for yield (rebases)?

Did you deploy the contract? If not, who did?

Are you the owner of the contract? If not, who is?

Expected Benefits

How will Origin benefit from opting this contract in for yield?


What are the risks to Origin if this contract were opted-in for yield?


Can be binary, or have multiple options with a "No" option. Please also add an abstain option.

  • Yes - Approve [proposal name]

  • No - Do not approve [proposal name]

  • Abstain

Unsure of the voting type to use? Check out the Snapshot guide.

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