Where can I acquire OETH and OUSD?

OETH and OUSD can be acquired in the Origin dapp.

What are the benefits of using DVT?

DVT (Distributed Validator Technology) enhances liquid staking of Ethereum by increasing security and decentralization. It distributes validator responsibilities across multiple nodes, minimizing the risk of single points of failure and making the network more resilient to attacks and operational errors. This results in higher reliability and uptime. For liquid staking, DVT allows stakers to maintain liquidity while earning staking rewards, as staked assets can be used in DeFi applications. The improved security, decentralization, and liquidity access provided by DVT strengthen the Ethereum network, creating a more robust and efficient staking ecosystem that benefits all participants.

What is an AMO?

Algorithmic Market Operations (AMO) are smart contracts that automatically execute monetary policies within specific protocols. These policies can be applied to internal systems or external platforms like Curve. AMO controllers can mint new stablecoins and add them to liquidity pools or lend them to money markets when certain conditions are met or when approved by governance. This flexibility allows the protocol to adjust its stability mechanisms without changing its core structure.

How soon will my OUSD or OETH balance increase?

Your balance of OUSD or OETH will increase with each positive rebase event. These rebases occur several times a day and are linked to the minting and redeeming activity. For more details, refer to the Elastic Supply documentation.

How is it possible for the APY to be so high?

You can read about our various strategies in Yield Generation. We currently get most of the yield from harvesting rewards tokens. Additionally, the yield increases as more OUSD and OETH are held in smart contracts that do not opt into rebasing since the underlying collateral continues to earn for the remaining holders.

Why is my balance increasing at a slower rate than the advertised APY?

Balances increase when the supply is rebased. But the size of each rebase varies wildly depending on how much the vault has earned since the last rebase. And while most rebases collect a small amount of earnings from lending strategies, other rebases involve liquidating rewards tokens or collecting fees. As a result, the yield will vary significantly during short periods of time.

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