Integration Proposal

Use this template as a guide for writing a proposal that involves integrating OUSD, wOUSD, OETH, or wOETH into other protocols.


What is the name of the integration proposal?


Who wrote/contributed to the integration proposal?

Create date:

When was the integration proposal created?


One sentence summarizing the integration proposal


Add links to:

  • project

  • project launch date

  • CoinGecko/CMC

  • whitepaper

  • docs/Gitbook

  • source code/Github

  • Ethereum addresses

  • price oracle(s)

  • audits


Add links, with the number of followers/members:

  • Twitter

  • Discord

  • Telegram

  • Facebook

  • Reddit

  • Youtube


Enter a short 1-3 sentence summary of the integration, tl;dr version of what follows


Describe the integration. What is the integration going to achieve?

Expected Benefits

How will Origin benefit from the integration?

Integration Analysis

Work Plan

How will this proposal be carried out to completion? What level of technical work is required to execute this proposal?


Which core teams or resources need to be involved from Origin? What will the integration partner provide?


What are the costs to Origin for this integration? What costs will the integration partner cover?


What is the expected timeline for development and implementation? How will we measure success or milestones?


What are the potential risks to Origin if this integration proposal were to pass? How will the integration partner address these risks?


Can be binary, or have multiple options with a "No" option. Please also add an abstain option.

  • Yes - Approve [integration proposal name]

  • No - Do not approve [integration proposal name]

  • Abstain

Unsure of the voting type to use? Check out the Snapshot guide.

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