The Automated Redemption Manager (ARM) offers zero-slippage swapping of redeemable assets like liquid staking tokens. It combines features of the AMM and isolated money markets as it prices assets based on current market rates and redemption queues.

The ARM has the capability of playing a pivotal role in DeFi by providing the following attributes:

  • Zero Slippage: The ARM offers zero-slippage swaps for redeemable assets saving traders a large amount on swaps in comparison to other options on the market.

  • Market-Based Pricing: The prices are based on the market rates at the time and the length of the redemption queue.

  • Instant Liquidity: Enables 1:2 swap prices between LSTs and ETH.

  • Low Fees: The ARM is gas-optimized and provides modest trading fees.

  • Revenue Generation: The ARM will play a pivotal role in generating protocol revenue that accrues to OGN.

The ARM is currently integrated into 1Inch and CowSwap and more integrations are on the way as the product continues to scale throughout DeFi.

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