Origin provides a simple and powerful javascript library for developers to build decentralized marketplaces, allowing buyers and sellers to meet and transact without requiring any trusted intermediaries.


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This API documentation will explain how developers can use the origin.js library to create and manage decentralized marketplaces that are built on top of IPFS and the Ethereum network.

Origin.js aims to create an easy and flexible abstraction layer that:

Origin.js enables developers to create DApps that onboard new users to the Origin platform, add new listings to the listings registry, create booking contracts, close out bookings (transfer funds, write reviews, etc.), and more.


Please note this project is still in heavy development and many of the features described below have not been implemented yet. This library should not be considered as production-ready.

Origin.js and the entire Origin Protocol project is 100% open-source and we welcome contributions from the community. There are many ways to help, from reporting issues and contributing code to helping us improve and grow our community.

If you are interested in getting involved, please read our section on contributing. If at any point you get stuck, please reach out and we’ll do our best to help.